Draw No Bet – Full Guide

Draw No Bet

With no bet, only two outcomes are possible: home win / away win. In case of a draw, the bettor gets his money back. This bet therefore limits the risk of loss. 

Draw No Bet Odds

Draw No Bet guide

As the draw is excluded in the draw no bet, the odds of a home or away win are higher and the odds are therefore lower than in the classic 1N2 bet. Nevertheless, they are still much better than the double chance bet.

For example, on the 2017 Champions League final, the odds of the 1N2 on Unibet are 2.82 – 3.15 – 2.50 and those of the draw no bet are 1.80 – 1.65.

Not all bookmakers offer the possibility to place a refunded bet if there is a draw, but the most serious ones do. 

The first thing you notice is that the title of this bet varies according to the bookmakers: Result excluding draw for Unibet, Winner (Refunded if draw) for Winamax and Result without draw for Betclic. However, they all correspond to the same bet: refunded if draw! 

You will notice that the odds are very similar and relatively low compared to 1N2. We will see in the next section how to benefit from higher odds (in some cases) by making your own payout bet! 

Make Your Own Payout Bet If You Draw

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The government imposes a maximum 85% return to players on bookmakers in order to combat money laundering and addiction. The bookmakers have therefore implemented a strategy: taking small margins on the most popular bets on the biggest matches and compensating for this by taking larger margins on the other bets.

Thus, the margin of the sports betting operators is about 10% on the 1N2 bets of the most popular matches and 20% on the others!

For the big matches, it is often preferable to make your own money back if the match is a draw. 

Thanks to our tool, we realize that by making our own Juventus Payout if Draw bet, we get odds of 1.925 on Unibet while the odds of the Result if Draw bet of this same bookmaker is only 1.80. For a bet of $100, our technique allows us a potential gain of $12.5 or 12.5% of our bet. 

If you want to make your own payback bet, simply divide your stake by the odds of the draw and you will have the amount you need to place on it. You will then have to bet the remaining amount on your selection. 


  • Bankroll: $20
  • Odds: 9.00 – 4.00 – 1.25
  • Your prediction: 1 refunded if draw 

You will then have to bet $20 / 4 = $5 on the draw and the rest ($20 – $5 = $15) on the home win. In case of a draw, you will get your money back and in case of a home win, you will pocket $15 x 9 = $135! 


Payback if draw bets are a good way to bet with a limited risk of loss. It is perfect for punters who are patient and prefer to limit the risk of loss rather than try for big odds.

Note that if you include a Payout if Draw bet in a combination and the combination ends in a draw, the odds for that match will increase to 1.

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