What is a bonus in sports betting?

bonus in sports betting

First of all, what exactly is a sports betting bonus? Let’s try to write the most reliable definition in July 2021. 

A welcome bonus is an offer made by an online sportsbook to all new registrants, which can take many forms and vary in generosity. 

In the form of a cash refund or free replay bets, a welcome bonus allows you to start your sports betting with a bookmaker with peace of mind, and to try to hit the jackpot as soon as you arrive. 

Generally ranging from $100 to $200, these famous sports betting site bonuses alone justify your registration and allow you to test a bookmaker’s offer without committing too much money. Very good offers you will have understood, which you should not hesitate to take advantage of. 

The CASH bonus


The CASH bonus is one of the most popular bonuses for online bettors. And for good reason, it is a refund of your first real money bet, if it turns out to be a loss. In other words, you are a 100% winner: either you hit the entry jackpot or you get your stake back. Let’s take an example: 

After registering on the betting site in question, you bet $100 on a Marseille victory over Lyon (odds of 2.20). OM wins? You win $120 net. OM does not win? Your $100 bet is refunded in real money, which you can withdraw. 

Conditions specific to each bookmaker may obviously exist, but you understand the interest in taking advantage of this type of CASH bonus. Some sports betting sites are offering this in July 2021. 

No deposit

Finally, and perhaps the most interesting type of bonus offered by sports betting sites, the no deposit bonus is a bonus paid out without you having to spend a single euro. You create your account and activate it by sending your identity documents? You then receive your offer, without having to make your first deposit. 

Usually, the bonus you get is in the form of a free replay bet or cash, which is still very pleasant for any online betting fan. 

Bonus type: free bets

sports betting promo

The welcome bonus in the form of free bets (also called “freebets bonus”), is very interesting because you get a “betting credit” even if you win your first bet. Let’s imagine once again that you bet $100 on an OM victory against Lyon, odds 2.20. 

Does Marseille win? Not only does your prize pool reach $220, but you also receive a free $100 bet to be replayed under certain conditions. And if OM don’t win, you still get that $100 free bet to try and win it back. 

A very generous welcome offer here too, which allows you to gain maximum benefits if you make your first winning sports bet. Be on the lookout for this type of offer from online bookmakers. 

The deposit bonus

The fourth type of sports betting bonus is the deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this is a bookmaker’s bonus whose value and receipt depends on your first deposit of money after registration. Let’s say you open an account with an online bookmaker. 

As for the form this famous deposit bonus will take (cash? freebet?), you have to refer to the conditions of the offer. You can easily find them on the registration form of the site concerned. This type of bonus is becoming increasingly rare and is being replaced by bonuses that depend on your first sports bet. 

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