What is an online sports betting site?

betting online

First of all, it is interesting to define what online sports betting sites are. If you are new to betting, this will help you understand what these famous sites offer and what you can expect from them. 

Developed in the mid-2000s , sports betting sites are websites where you can place your bets. They work like a merchant site, as you deposit money after creating a player account, and use it to place bets. If you are successful, the bookmaker in question then transfers your winnings to your bank account. 

Before the development of these online bookmakers, you could bet in a tobacconist’s shop as well as in a gambling hall. With the advent of the internet, betting has become simpler and is now a fully-fledged market in the gambling sector. Online sports betting sites have never been so popular. 

Live betting

betting live

Thanks to online sports betting sites, you can also bet live on the match you are interested in. Forget about placing bets in a hurry or missing out due to a delay, now you are in control. 

While watching a football, tennis or even an NBA match during the night, you can bet on dozens of odds thanks to the bookmakers’ websites, and take advantage of their live developments. 

Flirt with the right moment to bet, then collect extra dollars. A possibility that is not offered to you outside of internet betting. 

Online betting sites: their advantages

If you are still hesitating to create player accounts on betting sites authorised , here are the main advantages that should convince you. Betting online is truly unrivalled. 

Betting 7 days a week and 24 hours a day

First and foremost, you can bet at any time of day thanks to online sports betting sites. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, you are free to bet at any time of the day, on hundreds of different bets. 

No more problems with the opening hours of your tobacconist’s and other PMU’s, betting adapts to your rhythm and your desires. 

Bonuses and promotions

betting bonus

Finally, and this is perhaps the most attractive, you should know that registering on an online betting site will give you access to attractive offers, which sometimes reach several hundred dollars! 

In addition to the traditional welcome offers that are promised to you when you register, numerous promotions await you on a daily basis at the various betting sites . Freebets offered, jackpots to be won or even gifts to be won: the best online bookmakers do not lack imagination to seduce you. 

From you to us, it would be a real shame not to create an account with all the sites authorised by the ANJ. Just to get those welcome bonuses, it’s worth it. 


The second advantage of online sports betting sites is the incredible speed with which you can place bets. In general, you only need one minute to go to your online bookmaker, find the odds that suit you and validate your bet. 

You don’t have to go anywhere to place a bet, let alone take out your pen, it’s all done in a matter of moments. 

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