Dress Code Rules for Casino Visitors

The number of WooCasino users is increasing daily. However, some people prefer visiting land-based casinos because of their fantastic atmosphere. Unfortunately, not all online players know what such an institution is and what to expect there. Reasons to Follow the Dress Code Before you go to show everyone around you your endless luck it is […]

Roulette Techniques

Roulette has made a name for itself over the years to the point of becoming one of the main attractions in the world of online and land-based casinos. A game of chance par excellence, it has nonetheless given rise to dozens of techniques and methods for defying luck – luck that is mostly for the […]

Roulette Strategy: Alembert’s Rising

The principle is quite similar to that of the various martingales, since the bets are progressive. So you start with an X bet and if you lose you increase your bet by one. If you win, you have to lower your bet the next time by one unit. Unlike the classic martingale, it is not […]